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wireless car charger

Snap, charge, drive: The Tech Armor way! Introducing the new Wireless Car Charger and Phone Mount

Snap, charge, drive: The Tech Armor way!

Introducing the new Wireless Car Charger and Phone Mount with fast Qi charging and a secure, one-touch cradle.   


wireless car charger

Yep, you read that right! Tech Armor is taking the extra step to keep you connected at all times with your device! You never know when the next important turn from Waze can happen!


Charge and easily navigate WHILE driving


Absolutely! This wireless car charger utilizes powerful Qi charging for ALL Qi-enabled devices! Charges can go as fast as 7.5W for iPhone Fast Charge and a blazing 10W for those powered by QC3.0 Fast Charge like many Samsung Devices. The charging speed will mostly depend too on your phone’s capacity and the amount of electricity coming from your car. For extra ease, there’s an LED indicator too if the charger is on standby status (red) and if it’s charging (blue).


All the while, this wireless car charger is safely mounted while you view directions during your drive! No worries as your phone will attach easily and securely to any car vent or your dashboard with the included anti-scratch and anti-slip rubber base for strong and safe grip! Don’t fumble around with clunky cradles and faulty release buttons, just set the phone onto the charger and it’s locked in!!

Plus: the swivel joint allows you to adjust easily from portrait to landscape mode when needed!


How to place in my car?


Installation is a breeze!

  1. Plug the Micro USB cable into charger and connect the USB-A side in your car’s power port.
  2. Then attach the vent mount fingers into the air vent slots (there are 2 finger openings for thin or thick vent blades). 
  3. From there, you simply place your phone on the bottom arm of the mount and let gravity work its magic! As the bottom arm drops, the side arms close around the sides of your phone to hold it in place. Charging begins as soon as the phone hits the cradle.
  4. When you reach your destination, just lift the phone up and out of the cradle. It’s easy!

Not a fan of placing in the air vent? We’ve got that covered too as we’ve added a base stand with 3M adhesive you can install on your dashboard (or desk or wherever you prefer for access)!


Excellent! I want to get one now!


Time to order your wireless car mount on Amazon now – CLICK HERE!  You can purchase here at as well.

Don’t forget to add other accessories for the ultimate Tech Armor experience—- screen protector, extra cables, and cleaning kits!


You can check out our website too for other exclusives! 😉

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